Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The 5 Best Years of My Life

5 years ago today at 2:25am an angel was born. She didn't come without a fight. No, she had to be pulled out after 22 hours of labor. She is like that, she won't be forced into anything.

She is her own person. She is the life of a party. She will make you laugh. She is all mine.

I've been pondering all week how to put in words the joy she brings to me. I don't know how to express the happiness that she has brought into my life.

I figured the best way would be to pick my favorite pictures from the past 5 years.

Here she is at 6wks. She had just got her ears pierced and being the trooper that she is, she cried for all of 10 seconds. Drank her bottle and fell asleep.

These were her first Easter pictures at 4mths. She was practically sitting up on her own by then. Always in a rush to grow up.

At 6mths she already had 4 teeth and was crawling and jabbering away. You can tell she really liked to eat because keeping her belly full was not challenge.

At 8mths, she was standing and pulling herself up. I tried to make her sit, but she's stubborn. I don't think she got that from me.....She was walking by 9mths and by 10mths she could full out sprint.

This pictures was the hardest for me. She was 18mths and I took her to get these right before I deployed to Iraq. I slept with this picture every night and it brings back painful memories of when I wasn't sure I would see her again.

When she was 2 she wouldn't stop talking. Actually, that hasn't changed much. She laughed often and in return kept us laughing.

In this picture she was 3 and G-O-O-F-Y. This is how she posed for most of her pictures at this age. I couldn't get her to relax her face and it was hilarious.

This is her 4yr picture from last year when she had just started Pre-K. To look at how much she has changed over the past is AMAZING.

My Dearest Lael,

You have changed my life for the better. You are the sweetest child I've ever known. At the same time you have to be the most stubborn. You sing, dance, read and write with joy. You are your teacher's helper in class. You refuse to sleep without a hug and kiss EVERY night. You adore your sister. You worship your father. Your Nana and MahMah can do no wrong in your eyes. But more importantly you are my child. I can't remember my life before you and can't see my future without you.

Happy Birthday Angel Cake!


  1. What a very touching tribute to your baby...a beautiful girl indeed. Thank you for serving our country and all of us and missing out on days and special times with your girl.

  2. Yes, lovely tribute. She is so LOVED. You're a great mama!

    Happy Birthday! :)


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