Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Reading's not THAT it??

I love my daughter. Really I do. I do however realize I have to patience for homework.

I'm afraid that I might even be so desperate not to deal with her that I will do it myself in my best Kindergarten handwriting.

I am sick of the tantrums when she doesn't understand why you can't hear the "e" and the end of words like come or some.

Why is it that she can recite every Spongebob episode that was ever made but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD can't remember that Cat starts with a C and not a K?

I have been practicing Lamaze breathing and putting myself in mental timeouts because I'm that close to strangling myself just so I don't have to go through this torture.

I may not make it. I am sweating just thinking about next weeks homework assignments.


  1. WOW, its simply kindergarten. Don't get so worked up. She will get it. Her teacher is amazing and I promise it will work out. Just make homework fun because making it negative will only engrave into her mind that homework is bad. Have fun and if she forgets its OK, really

  2. Just be sure to relax and enjoy the time that you are spending together. You are doing a great job and she'll appreciate all the time and love that you show.

  3. I hear you, lady. My boys are too young for school yet, but I can only imagine how frustrating it can be to try to get a five year old to focus on something they aren't interested in!

    It's too bad there's homework pressure even in Kindergarten.

    Hang in there. I too believe it just has to get better. As she matures? Hopefully? :)


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