Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cuz I'm A Sucker

So last night was Lael's first day of Cheerleading practice.  If any of you have been hanging around long enough to remember, I was the assistant coach last year of about 15 5-7 yr old girls.

Yeah. I know.

So Saturday when I signed her up (at the last minute) the Youth Center Director thought he was slick and tired to slide coaching papers towards me.

I protested at first but then found out that there was only one coach so far.  I decided to sign up as as and assistant coach again but insisted that the moment I got overtired I was going to sit my pregnant ass down.

So back to last night.  Me and a few other parents are there for our 6pm practice but others show up saying it's at 6:30.  The coach hadn't shown up yet and I was slowly getting pissy.

Finaly at 6:20 she shows up.  No idea how she told half of us one time and the other half another time.  In addition to that, there were girls of all ages, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10.  That didn't seem right.  Well I found out that she was the coach for both teams.

Well that shit wasn't going to work.

The military Youth Sports program is ran by volunteer parents.  No volunteers. No coaches. No team.

So long story short, me and the other mom who coached the 5-7 group last year will be coaching again this year.  Except I had to talk the other mom into it which means I'm the head coach.  Huh?

How'd that happen?

I know.  I'm a sucker.


  1. We did cheerleading one year.


  2. And you'll be great!! Better than that, Lael has a wonderful Mom~~that is willing to Coach!! Go Keyona! Go Keyona!!

  3. I agree with Too Many Hats!!

  4. We are always suckers with it comes to our kids. And CONGRATS on a boy!! WHOOO HOOO!!

  5. I think it is awesome! Just don't overwork yourself!!

  6. Can't you use your pregnancy as an excuse????

  7. You're awesome, Keyona. Crazy. But awesome. :)

  8. Oh man, I don't have the energy to do practically anything these days. I am impressed at your willingness! Good luck!


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