Friday, January 15, 2010

I Didn't Get The Damn Memo

So I guess yesterday was National Delurker Day!  Thanks for the damn memo guys.

So as usual I do things when I'm good and ready.

All you folks that come by and read need to come out of hiding.  (Yes I'm talking to you Charlotte NC, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Lynnwood, Washington, and Aurora, Colorado).

Let me know who you are.  What you do.  How long you've been blogging.

Ideas to make my blog better (as if it could get any better).

How about a contest:

Give me some good baby names for my little boy.  The best name will win!  What will you win you may ask?

Knowing the fact that I may name my little boy after a name you suggested.  That's present enough right? No?

Well can I get some help anyway?

I would prefer a name that starts with an L or K.  Nothing popular.  Since Lael's name is so unique I have to keep it up.  So join in on the fun.


I promise to come and pay your blog a visit in return.

OK, I think I've made a fool of myself now.  Come back now yall hear?


  1. You know I stalk you, I already told you that.

  2. I'm definitely not a lurker!! Boys names...I'll get back to you. How about Lewis or Karl? ha ha!!

  3. I'm a lurker. I don't have a blog, I'm just a fellow step-mom.

    It doesn't start with an L or a K, but if my 2nd had been a boy, I was going to name him Alezander. I really wanted Zander, but the ex wanted something not so weird. That was my attempt at a compromise before we found out she was a girl.

  4. I had to "pop" over to read your blog because I was so impressed with your comment on if you give a mom a moment's blog.

    I don't have a blog either.

    How about Lakaden?

  5. Minnesota is where I am from.
    How about Landon or Kendall?

  6. Damn! I'm so bad. I have no idea what names would be good. Keane? Lionel? lol Leo? lol Lorenzo? lol I dunno! haha

  7. Well, I'm a stalker~~but is it really considered stalking if I'm your BFF? Not sure.. How about Lian? Love you!

  8. I prefer the word "stalker"> I think it fits me better.

  9. HI Keyona! I've lurked. Now, I'm here. Nice to meet you. I love Jack and Carter.

  10. ~delurking~

    I came across your blog when you won a prize on MckMama's blog and now yours is on my list.

    I'm also a stepmom and know the challenges of the balancing act. Your girls are adorable. I have two boys (stepson who's 10 and our son who's 7). We're longing for another baby... perhaps I will get my little girl someday. :)

    Anyway... My name is Portia and I live in Pendleton, Oregon. I don't have any baby name suggestions... but I'll think on it. ;)

  11. ideas:


    Kellan (or Kellen)

    good luck!!!


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