Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lost Without Her

We all talk about how crazy our lives are. We all can't wait to get a break from the kids sometimes.

I am no different. I was super excited that Lael was going to her MaMa's for a few days.

And then those few days came. And I got lost.

No one to cook for. No one to tickle. No one to kiss my belly and tell it crazy stories.

No one to sneak in my bed. No one to snuggle with.

I quickly forget how my life has tranformed to form around this little girl.

I came home from work yesterday and watched tv in my bed all night. Don't get me wrong, there are tons of things that "need" to be done around here.

I just couldn't. Without Nick in th background or my little helper around to help put dishes away, I had no desire.

Damn I love this kid. Sometimes I'm afraid I love her too much. Just wait until Bubby gets here. I'm gonna be a mess!

My kids are my life. I do adore hubby, that's no question, but my kids keep me going.

I would be lost without them. I would be lost without her.


  1. I know exactly how you feel. E goes to her Grandma's for ONE night and by 10pm, I want to go pick her back up.

  2. it's one of those true things that no one really "gets" until they are a Mom. the concept is there but the actual hit you in the gut feeling isn't there until you've been in that moment where your baby is off with grandparents and you have no one to cook for, clean up after, snuggle and kiss on the forehead.

  3. Too true! I spent one night away from my kids for the first time in our lives and they were all I could think about.

  4. Yep, I feel the same way. I ache for a break sometimes, but as soon as I get one I am thinking about when I will be with them again. :)

  5. Kids drive you crazy when they're around, but you miss them when they're gone. The irony.

  6. I hear ya! As much as I LOVED having some time to myself while my girls were at their grandma's, I constantly caught myself wondering what they were doing, what they were eating, what they were thinking, etc. Sigh....

  7. I'm the same way!!!! It's a good thing we have people who take them from us occasionally so we can realize how much we love and miss them!!


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