Friday, March 19, 2010

A New Beginning

Lael came home from school yesterday and mysteriously forgot to give her teacher her folder so didn't have any homework.

I was too excited to be upset so I decided to take advantage of the 72 degree weather.

As I walked to the park it was amazing how differently things look without 2feet of snow.

Baby birds flying around.  Toddlers that I had not seen before were just big enough to walk freely at the park.

All the bigger kids ran wildly. Screaming.  Overwhelmed by the feeling of being let free.

My tulips are showing signs of sprouting.  The trees are ready for their brand new leaves.

I made me think about life's cycle.

We have 4 seasons here in DC.  And those seasons remind me how life is ever evolving.

Things get wild and crazy in the Summer.  They can sometimes blow around in the Fall.  Freeze over in the Winter. But in the Spring it starts all over.

It's like a new beginning.

Wipe your slates clean.

Leave behind whatever things you aren't proud of.  Things you woul like to change.

Spring is here. 

Open your windows.  Take a walk.  Dust off your camera.  Listen to the sounds around you.

Live your life.  Your new life.  Everyone deserves a new beginning.

Happy Friday my friends!


  1. It does look like spring is finally here, eh? We had perfect weather today, too --clear blue sky, no smog, sun. :)

  2. We really have two seasons 2 months of winter, which for the rest of the country is super mild, and 10 months of summer. I think we have hit summer here again.

  3. I love that too! Bring on Spring!

  4. It's so true, everything seems so...different. I feel like I haven't seen our mulch and grass in ions and it's like I'm seeing it for the first time all over again. I know, I'm sort of weird.

  5. Very beautiful post Keyona. We should all definetly take the time to relax and have some fun. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  6. I love it! The absence of a homework folder reminds us that we all need a bit of freedom sometimes. Spring is here! YAY!

  7. I loved this post Keyona. So right on. It's never to late to begin again. When I left my ex, I knew that and it's the best decision I ever made.


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