Monday, March 8, 2010

Signs You're At A Ghetto Birthday Party

I am proud to have a diverse group of friends.

I have some really ghetto friends and very classy friends.

For some reason I can adapt to either situation.

Saturday I went to a birthday party.  My friend, who happens to be my hairdresser as well, threw a party for her daughters who turned 6 and 8.  The exact ages of Lael and D.  Fun.

Except.  She is one of my ghetto friends.  I love her don't get me wrong.  But there are just "things" that happen at ghetto parties that don't happen at classier ones.

Some may be confused on how to determine if you are at a ghetto birthday party.  Let me help.

1. The invitation is sent by email on a word document with many spelling errors.

2. You get to the party (which was at grandmother's house) to help set up and the mother and children aren't there yet. 

3. While waiting for them to arrive about 10 guys are walking through the house because one of the family members decides they are moving out at the same time as the party.

4. The kids start arriving for the party that is scheduled at 3pm but nothing is ready because everyone is helping out with #3.

5.  The kids are sent to the backyard.  To play.  That's it.  Just play.

6.  The party finally starts at 5pm.  2hrs after it's supposed to.

7.  At one point there are 20 (yes, I counted) girls in the backyard and another 10-15 inside the house. 

8.  When it's time to order pizza, the mom thinks 9 medium pizza's are enough.  Ugh. No.

9.  When it's time to wash their hands you have to get up and help restore order because hello? #7 and because the bathroom sink is filled with bubbles.

10. The girls all get fed and once they are eating cake it's 6:45pm.

11. I decide to leave and the party is still going on.

12. I call the next day and find out that the party went on till about 8:30.

13. You also wake up the next morning with a cold, because no matter how many times you sanatized your hands, it was just to many of them.  Kids, not germs.  Well germs too.

Too much for me.  But the kids did have a blast.  That's all that counts right?


  1. I hate planning bday parties and I suck at it. I'm pretty sure I have hosted a ghetto party before. :)

    And seriously? It was moving day AND birthday party day? lmao....

  2. That is HILARIOUS! Especially #3. Suddenly I don't feel so bad about the fact that when the parents picked up their kids from my daughter's bowling party this weekend, they were outside running around on the basketball court.

  3. LOL! Moving during the party? Ghettoooo lol!

  4. And now I'm the ghetto one who doesn't know when to use "your" or "you're). :)

  5. Even though I'm a white Jewish girl, I've been to many of these... ;P

  6. Wow. I have been to a couple of those (minus #3).

    This weekend, my cousins threw a bday party for my 2yo. We were supposed to be there at 6pm (hello!). They called and said they wouldn't be home til after 6:30 'cause they were at the mall. They ordered pizza after 7pm (thankfully, I had a stash of crackers) and did the cake and gifts after that. He nearly DIED. I think we got outta there close to 9pm.

    I was ready to lose my mind. Hello... he is TWO.

  7. Wow, I've never been to a ghetto party before...the time thing would make me ca-razy!!! I'm glad everyone had fun!!

  8. This is hilarious and needs to be tweeted immediately.

  9. That is hysterical! Although I think I would have been annoyed at the 2 hour delayed start!

  10. Wow, I must have some ghetto friends, but didn't even know it. Honestly, I hate when you get to the party and the people are not there yet and the whole starting real late bugs me too.

  11. wow some party!!!

  12. That’s an interesting post! I have definitely not been to one, but I would love to. There is an old friend of mine who shifted long time ago and has invited all of us to her birthday party which is in one of the Chicago event venues. I think this party is going to be a ‘ghetto’ one because there is a lot of similarity with these points.


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