Friday, August 7, 2009

Flashback Friday: Listen To This......

There are certain things that can instantly change the mood you are in. A great song song, talking to a great friend, or hearing the best laugh in the world.

The best sound in my house.

It doesn't take much to set her off. What else is there to say?

(I know the lighting sucks but the sound it what's important)

Originally posted October 16, 2008.

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Happy Friday!!


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  2. That should be a recording for a cartoon character or one of those stuffed animals that laughs when you squeeze their foot. I like your blog. There's nothing I love more than mom's who love being mothers.

  3. That is too funny... I bet that just brightens the house right up!!

  4. That's the best sound in the world!!! I listened to it twice. :)

    Have a great weekend!!!

  5. My kid would literally sleep if my home alarm went off and that is freaking LOUD but if God forbid the phone rang? Wahh!!!!!!


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