Friday, August 21, 2009

At This Rate I’ll Have To Adopt, Or Borrow Your Husband

I’ve officially become impatient.

I had my IUD removed 24 June.

My doctor suggested waiting 2 cycles before we begin trying.

He wanted to wait 3.

I did. It’s over. I’m ready. Let’s get it on.

No, he says?

I wanted to wait 6 months?

He had never said that before. Why wait I ask?

Grumble, grumble, something about getting the drugs out of my system.

I had an IUD in my uterus, I was not snorting cocaine I say.

I explain that it could take a few months and we need to start now to have a summer baby.

He insisted that he’s a one shot type of guy. The first try will make me pregnant.

He’s naïve like that. But I let him believe.

I explain that I am most fertile Sunday and Monday and he needs to pull his shit together by then or I’m getting back on birth control.

He agrees to Sunday. Sunday we will start. I have won him over.

The next night he wants me to got the store for him.

Hell no, I’m tired I explain.

If you want to start trying for a baby, you’ll go, he says.

It’s going to be a long few months………….


  1. He's not careful, you'll end up with twins and won't THAT be fun. :)

  2. Nothing like trying to make a baby to take all the fun out of having sex!

  3. LOL, girl he OWNS you now! Are you sure you want to get pregnant? I thought I did and now I'm MISERABLE!!!

  4. I'm with MEG. Never let on how much you want something. Heh. Have fun trying. ;p

  5. Now you've gone and done it. Sounds like you'll be doing much more often. More than me, anyway :( Good luck!

  6. What do you want? baby girl or baby boy? :)

  7. Uh oh! Man, he is going to run you ragged until he knocks you up! Of course, you could always use those 9 months as pay-back...

  8. no desire for a kid, but wouldn't mind the "practice"

  9. That's about as counter-intuitive a story about a man and sexual relations I've ever heard!

    A GUY withholding SEX as a tool to manipulate!?!?!

    Should I start watching out for Satan toting a fistful of snowballs?

    Step up and have it, boy... you don't know what you're missing! ;-)

  10. Oooh, you'd better nip that behavior in the bud! Start withholding from HIM (during your non-fertile times, of course!). Men are dorks.

    I'm excited about you trying though!!


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