Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too Many Questions, Too Little Attention Span

Scene~ Last week riding in the car with the girls.

Lael: Mommy who is daddy's wife?

Me: (raising my hand) You know it's me honey.

Lael: Well how come D has a different mommy but me and her have the same daddy?

Me: ........uh.....what do you think?

Lael: Well....I think daddy has a girlfriend who is D's mom and he has you as his wife.

Me: Well do you think that daddy would be married to me and have a girlfriend?

Lael: .......no.....well, it just doesn't make sense!

Me: Silence.........................................................................................................................................
Lael: Hey mom! I have a cut on my finger.

Dear Godly Gods,
I don't know why but Thank You for that distraction. I was not in any way, shape, or form, ready for THAT conversation.

I do, however, feel that I should have an answer prepared. I think it will be coming up again.
Hopefully later that sooner.


  1. Ha ha :) got you in a situation were you cannot reply. She is cute

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  2. Oh man...

    Maybe you should just keep some super hot band-aids in your purse so if the topic comes up again it can be decorative band-aids all around!

  3. Kids these days... they're sharp. Yes, I do think that you better have an answered prepared for when that question comes back, because it will come back. While their attention span may be short, kids have a memory like an elephant! :)

  4. We've had the same conversation - with the neighbor kids who would like to know why just last year it was just Emily and now all of a sudden she has a sister and a brud-der.

    Kids will be kids.

  5. Kids are smart, smarter than us, I sometimes think. Because no question is ever tricky for them, I tell you. They have an answer for anything.

  6. Saved by the cut on the finger!! I am sure that she will ask again. My son asked where babies came out of and I told him a special place on mommies. I am waiting for him to ask where that special place is. The joys of motherhood!!

  7. Oh dear, talk about saved by the bell! You know the next time she asks you will be in front of a million strangers who all end up staring at you as you come up with the answer. Nah, that won't happen...

  8. Aw! Sorta the same situation with me and my sisters.. The middle one and I have the same dad, & the youngest has a different. I think my mom wrote like a little childrens-type book for her to read when she was old enough to understand.. it wasn't published or anything, just on computer paper and such. Just explaining everything and trying to pu it into terms she would understand..! Anyway, good luck :)

  9. Point her to "Big Love" on HBO? Hahaha. Kidding, of course.

  10. too cute and yes thank goodness for the distraction for sure!

  11. What a great conversation to have to deal with (not). I am sure you will handle it well; that or she will come up with a clever answer on her own.

    P.S. The shoes are AMAZING! The best things I have put on my feet!


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