Tuesday, August 25, 2009

God Sent The New Kid Just For Her

We've all had the same stories to on our blogs. The kids are going back to school.

Lael started 1st grade yesterday. I was probably more excited than she was. Ok, I know, I was more excited than she was. So what.

She picked out her cute outfit. You know because she told me she had to be the "hottest girl in her class". Check.

We left the house more than an hour early. If you live in the DC area there is no need to explain why.

We got there about 15 minutes early so we sat in the car and talked about my expectation and hers. Mine: Listen, behave, learn. Hers: Meet friend, play with friends, have friend adore her. Check.

We had time for a few photos.

Once we got to the school I we looked up her class. Of course she has the teacher with the name none of the kids can pronounce. Apparently the ones with the hard names teach the best. Check.

I wanted to take more pictures but she told me I could only take 1. That's it. 1 picture. I had to make sure it was a good one. Check.

Things changed dramatically when we actually walked into the school. The girl you see in the pictures above disappeared.

She clammed up and grabbed my arm. I had never seen her so nervous before. I managed to get her through the breakfast line.

There were herds of kids and parents in every inch of space. I saw one of her friends from the year before but she insisted on sitting at an empty table just me and her.

I knew it would be a long morning. Shortly after sitting with her french toast and pears, one of the administrators brought over a new 1st grader. Apparently she lived on the base where we do and thought that her and Lael could be pals.

Hmph. She picked the wrong time. Lael pretended the girl wasn't there. I tried to encourage conversation but she would turn to me and give me that "what the hell are you doing to me" type of eyes.

After filling out paperwork and walking her to her class I waved goodbye but she wanted one more kiss. I obliged, and when I went to hug her she grabbed me by the arm and through clenched teeth said "So you are gonna just leave me here?"

*Sigh* What happened to my happy go lucky child?

7 hrs later this is the scene at the bus stop.

Something must have gone right. She didn't really give me much information but explained that things were great.

While tucking her in bed we had this conversation.

Me: So what happened to the girl you met today? Did she ride the bus home with you?

Her: Yeah, I let her sit next to me. She was wanted to.

Me: Oh really? Did you guys talk?

Her: Yeah, she told me about her 4 dogs and her baby sister.

Me: Oh, and what did you say?

Her: I told her about my family too. Then we got quiet and I said I was hot and wished we had some of that cold stuff (a/c). I told her I was tired and wished to bus had beds with our name on it, just for me and her. She laughted. She said she's going to sit next to me everyday.

Me: Well that's great...

Her: Mommy, I can't believe I'm not in Kindergarten anymore, I'm in 1st grade.

Me: I know baby!

Her: But sometimes I'm shy. I can't stop it.

Me: It's ok to be shy. Just remember that when you are ready to talk your friends will be waiting for you.


  1. She's so adorable~!! Time passes by so fast! I'm glad she was happy.

  2. SMILE! That's all I need to say~~Oh and I want the shirt she wore in my size please :).

  3. You have an awesome daughter. But you know that already, don't you? :)

  4. so sweet and it had to make you feel so good that she made a friend :) it is so hard sending them off to school

  5. 4 Dogs? Holy shit.

    I love that she befriended the new girl. We all want our daughters to be the girl that everybody likes b/c she is genuine and nice and funny and supportive.

    Looks like you got her!

  6. Aaaawwww....she is so adorable. And I wish even 1 of my kids would have even pretended that they were scared. Nope--instead they kept asking me when I was leaving. )0:

  7. That is so great! You'll remember that day, even when she's 20 - trust me! lol

  8. Oh, that shot of her coming off the bus is adorable! What a smile.

  9. I was a shy child too. Telling her that's Ok was the best thing you could have done. My parents ere extroverted and never understood how hard it is to jump over that shyness hurdle.

  10. Oh my gosh. She is the sweetest thing! And so adorable!! I'm so glad that it turned into a good day!

  11. We've got two weeks yet til school, but I'm so looking forward to telling these kind of stories. So glad she had an awesome start to the year. We're assigned to an unpronounceable name teacher--I see that bodes well! ;-)

  12. Aww, so cute. You just never know how kids are going to react, which totally drives me nuts. Give them a little time and they usually pull through. So glad she had a good day. She's adorable!

  13. Your little girl is beautiful! She has such a great smile.

  14. Adorable :) going to 1st grade and she feels quite shy that is sweet.

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