Friday, August 28, 2009

Car Seat

Going through my pictures of Lael I came across a theme.

I take a lot of pictures of her in her car seat.

It's funny because I can see how much she's grown through the years.

The only problem is, I should be driving instead of snapping photos.

Hmmm...I better work on that.

Either way. It makes it hard to breath when I look and see how fast time is flying by.


  1. Seriously? Could this kids smile get any bigger?

  2. She is so precious! And that smile, my God! I bet she dazzles everyone!

  3. Aw, she is sooo adorable!!! You have a beautiful daughter!

  4. when I moved Phoebe from her car seat to her booster, I cried.

  5. Wow. Is she always that happy?
    Stopped by from SITS.

  6. awwww she's beautiful!
    Thanks for stoppin by my blog and your kind words!


  7. *Popping in from SITS

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! I love pictures that show the way our babies grow up. I document everything! Lol

  8. I think the real theme here is how happy your daughter is. When you can get a kid to smile like that in the car, you know you're doing something right!


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