Thursday, June 25, 2009

Amber Alerts

Have you ever lost your child?

You know, have you been in a store and suddenly your little one isn't next to you?

Have you been in a crowded place and for a few seconds you see your baby?

Have you ever ran up and down the aisles of a grocery store screaming your child's name?

I know it's happened to me before. You turn your head for a second and they are gone.

They could be hiding in between a clothes rack, or went to the next aisle in Target where the toy are.

But you find them. You find them and hug them and tell them not to run off again. You grab their hands and hold on for dear life.

Now let me ask you this. Has someone else ever lost your child? How well do you know the people that watch your kids?

Do you think they use the same discretion that you do? Would you leave your kid in a car while you run into a store? Would the babysitter? You would think not but how do you know?

Do you know who the babysitter is dating? Do you know who they would have around your kid?

I've noticed lately that there has been an increase in Amber Alerts. I don't know what is going on but it seems like some parents have lost their damn minds.

Case 1=5 yr old Neviaeh Amyah Buchanan from Michigan remains were found. She was apparently abducted while playing in front of her apartment complex at about 8:15 PM playing with her scooter.

Case 2=5 yr old Haleigh Ann Marie Cummings from Florida who supposedly disappeared from her home in the middle of the night. She was left in the care of her fathers 17 year old girlfriend and she said around 3am she discovered the girl was not in her bed.

Case 3=Alexander Suddeath and Heidi Suddeath 6 and 4 from North Carolina. Parents lost sight of the children while returning to a public parking lot a mountain yesterday.

Case 4=2yr old Jada Justice supposedly disappeared from a gas station in Indiana when her babysitter (18yr old cousin) and her boyfriend drove the child to a gas station around 9:30pm and LEFT HER IN THE CAR while they ran in to get cigarettes. Left.Her.In.The.Car.

It just really saddens me and it makes me think, I mean really think about who I let take care of my kids and what they would do in certain situations.

I really would like your opinions on this topic.


  1. I have lost a child in the store before and I had a complete breakdown/meltdown. I check and double check my babysitters but most of the time they are tended by my mom.

  2. So sad....When you hear these stories it just takes your breath away!

  3. You just gave all the reasons why I trust NOONE!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  4. I've turned y back and lost sight of my daughter and the panic that rises is undescribable. Recently a good friend told us about her babysitting nightmare.

    Her Nanny (No longer employed by them) took her two young children to a playgroup in the community centre near her home.

    The eldest of her two kids managed to get out of the room where playgroup is held, down two flights of stairs and out the door of the building. The receptionist at the front desk saw her walk out and went out to get her and take her back up to the playgroup. The babysitter didn't even notice she had gone.

    The only reason my friend knew that her daughter had escaped from playgroup was that the receptionist looked up her phone number from the sign in sheet and called when she got after she went home from work. The sitter never said a word.

    When you leave your children with someone you shouldn't have to worry about whether they will use common sense, whether they will keep an eye on your kids....

  5. Ugh, so hard.

    It's hard to NOT live in constant fear when leaving your kids in someone else's care.

    I do only leave my kiddos with completely trusted people...but even they can't control the whole world.

    It's so hard to let go...


  6. it is heartbreaking, I live in Michigan so that one was close to home.

  7. I have lost my daughter in the store before, for only like 20 seconds. But it was the longest, most panicked 20 secs of my life. We have never left our kids with a babysitter other than family so far. I am sort of paranoid like that...

  8. This is one of those things that keep me up and night with worry.

    Horrible. And what's worse..when parents make stupid decisions that cause it. Case in point - the Michigan girl...her Mom invited a sex offender into her home. H-E-L-L-O?!?!


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