Monday, June 29, 2009

What's A Baseball Season Without Trophies?

Friday night was the Baseball End of Season Party.

I for one have never been more happy for the END of that.

Don't get me wrong. It was fun. But FUN can even become exhausting sometimes.

I have learned quite a few things after being Team Mom of this fun sport that I will remember over the next few years.

1. Team Mom really means assistant coach, snack organizer, bandaide put'er on'er, water bottle police, and referee.

2. Even if you arrange the snack roster, re-confirm the snack roster, snacks will still be forgotten.

3. When the above happens, everyone will look at YOU and YOU will be blamed for the kids not having snacks. Even if they don't SAY it, the looks speak loud enough.

4. You are responsible for handling the kids on the benches and by the end of the season you will be comfortable enough to grab some by the collar and not even care if the parents see. Just kidding. No really.

5. Even though it's not mandatory, the coach will need a gift at the end of season and you have to come up with ideas.

6. When you come up with said present and send it out to everyone you will get NO responses.

7. When it's time for the party and presents those NON-RESPONDERS will have the nerve to ask you what you are giving the coach.

8. And they will say they are giving you money.

9. And they won't.

10. And you'll get an email from them 2 days later about the 5 dollar check they wrote you and you will start saving up for next years present because you are sure it will happen again no matter how much you SWEAR you won't volunteer again because you'll look at this face and know she needs you. (Longest run-on sentence EVAH!)


  1. I have been Team Mom before and I hear ya LOUD and CLEAR!! And just like you I keep doing it for my children--will I ever learn?! Probably not.

    Great pics!! She is SO adorable!!

  2. All I will say is "I told you so!" I think that we should recommend the idea that the Team Mom gets a gift not the Coach:)! HEHE! You did an awesome job~~and remember Lael will always remember that her Mommy was the Team Mom~~that's what matters!

  3. I was asst coach for soccer. Never again. Never

  4. What a face!!!

    I volunteered one time to be Team Mom and NEVER returned. I'm just not built for that.

  5. That first pic is awesome! I hear you. Being a Brownie leader has the same problems. I was all ready to quit until my daughter told me her fave thing about Brownies is me being her leader. Dammit.


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