Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm Sure It's Because Of The Mushrooms

Lael changed schools a few months ago. I thought it would be hard for her but it ended up being harder on me.

In her old school she had the same teacher and the same group of kids for 2 years straight.

Out of the 21 kids that were in her class there were only 6 girls. And they were close. Very very close.

I was afraid she wouldn't form the same bonds that she did with these other girls. I mean seriously they have been together since they were 3 and most are turning 6. She's been doing well and has a few friends but she still missed her old clique.

I've done a great job keeping in touch with the parents and got notice last month that Lael's best gal pal was having her 6th birthday party at a pool.

Lael was really excited because she hadn't seen her in 2 months and also she can't think of anything better to do on a Sunday than go to the pool.

This leads us up to where this particular pool was. When I got the e-vite I didn't really pay attention to the address or name of the place.

Even after I put it on the calendar I didn't think to plan ahead. I didn't know how far it was, if I had to pay for parking. Nothing.

2hrs before the party I decide to Mapquest this place and lucky me, it was only 15 mins from us.

Ok so it wasn't just your average pool it's a Swim and Racquet Club. Still didn't mean anything special to me, but ok. It took me almost 30 mins to get there because they hid it pretty well from us common folk.

Oh but you best believe I found it, even if I did almost run a lady over in the neighborhood.

We get there and our names were on the guest list and we walk down tons of steps to see this cool looking pool. Nothing super-dee-dooper amazing but cool. There was a gated baby pool with a ride on Whale that had water squirt out it's head.

There was a Junior pool that had water fountains come out of the ground and a big Mushroom that water flowed out of. There were a few lanes for laps and there was a deep end with a water slide and 2 diving boards.

There was a snack shack where we could purchase goodies and there was a playground area.

Apparently what I couldn't see were some other perks. I tennis/racquet/and basketball courts and a little bit of golfing as well.

Lae had a blast with her friends. Some of the moms said that they had been there before and they were members. While we swim for free on base I thought I would find out about coming over here every now and again to avoid the hassles of getting them on base.

Me: This place is so cute. I would love to bring Lael here for a change of scene.

Other Mom: I know isn't it nice. We had a membership last year but didn't use it as much as we should.

Me: Oh, yeah that can be hard sometimes. How much is it per day?

Other Mom: Uh, well you can't pay for a daily visit, it's uh you know...private.

I raise my eyebrown in cluelessness.

Other Mom: Well you have to be a member to visit.

Me: Oh, ok well I guess that makes sense it is pretty nice in here. Well how much for membership?

Other Mom: Oh, well it's not too bad you know. You pay one price and then they decrease it each year. It's almost like having shares.

Me: Yeah, mmm hmmm, yeah so how much?

Other Mom: Uh...well it depends if you want a partial for full membership. You know.

Me: Mmm much?

Other Mom: (nervous laugh) Oh, it's around a thousand.

Me: Excuse me? A thousand, like dollars!

Other Mom: Yeah, not too bad though! You can bring guests for a small fee and you only have to pay $500 for your dues.

Me: Haa haa haa haa, Lael, get back in the pool and swim! Swim girl, swim!

Other Mom: Well you and Lael could come as our guests any time you want this summer.

Me: Of course! Or you could come to base and's free.

Other Mom: Yeah. Sounds great!

Don't think we'll be seeing much of each other this summer.


  1. $1,000 what, huh?! That is CRAZY!!

    BTW--I LOVE the picture in your header!! hehe!! Lael is a girl after my own heart!!

  2. you are ADORABLE!!!

    And that pic on your header? It's to DIE for!!

    I love it.......

  3. glad I wasn't eating when I read that I seriously would have choked

  4. The guest list?! For a kids birthday party.

    I would've known at that point that I was completely out of league here.

    "Swim girl, swim" - LOL!

  5. Wow, must have been some swanky club, huh?? I think I'd prefer to stay out of a place like that anyway... If the cost is that high... so are the "members" noses in the air... (if you know what I mean)!! :)
    Have fun at the base.... it's free.... go with it!!

  6. You are so funny!

    (And unreal how much a pool membership costs...or that people pay it. I'm a pay-by-the-day kinda girl too. I could take my girls every day during the summer and never spend that much.)


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