Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Always Tell The Truth..Even If You Have To Make It Up

It's been a while since I have been tagged but it has happened again. My friend Dusty is the culprit. Thanks Dusty, now that I have to be honest my 5 readers will dwindle to 2. LOL!

Ok, so here's what I have to do:

* Thank the person who nominated you for this award {that would be me}

* Copy the logo and place it on your blog

* Link to the person who nominated you for this award

* Name 10 things about yourself that people might find interesting

* Nominate 10 Honest Scrap Bloggers

* Post links to the 10 blogs you nominate

* Leave a comment on each of the blogs, letting them know they have been nominated

Ready? Here goes.

1-I can't touch cotton balls. They make me gag. Like chalkboard noise to some. I'm grossed out just typing about it. Thankyouverymuch.

2-I'm and only girl. I have 4 brothers and they don't let me forget it.

3-My stepfather adopted me and my brother when I was 14. He and my mom married when I was 8.

4-I am terrified of flying and get teased for joining the Air Force.

5-I don't wear makeup. Never have and probably never will. Like none. Not lipstick, face powder stuff or mascara. All natural.

6-I can't walk in heels. My mom tried, my friends tried, I just can't do it. I have feet made for tennis shoes and flip flops.

7-I had something like a stroke when I was 15. Bell's Palsy is what it's called. The right side of my face was paralyzed for a month or so and I had to stay out of school and take steroids. My hair fell out and I got fat. But I got better and it recovered 100%.

8-I don't let people see me cry. My husband has only seen me cry a handful of times in the 9 years we've been together. I have to REALLY feel comfortable to cry around someone. I'm just stubborn like that.

9-I despise doing laundry. I will wait until I have no clean underwear sometimes before I will break down and wash clothes. One time I just went to the store to buy more.

10-When I was 16 me and my youngest brother were involved in a head on collision. He almost died and it still haunts me and probably always will.

Ok. So now that you think I'm a freak I will break the rules.

I am not going to nominate anyone because I'm sure they won't do it! But....surprise me. Let me know if you do decide to follow along and be a little honest about yourself!


  1. Wow, what a list!

    #4 is hilarious.
    My mom got Bell's Palsy a couple of years ago. It is scary!
    I'm sorry about your brother. That has to be very hard, to have flashbacks and stuff.

  2. We are a lot alike. I don't wear make-up either, I can't walk in heels at all and I DESPISE laundry.

  3. Did you always have that picture as your header? I'm pretty sure that's new 'cause I think I woulda remembered that. It's so funny! She will hate it when she finds out that here wedge dig was pasted on the World Wide Web. Love it!

  4. Hmmm...I've already done this, awhile back. I'll have to dredge up the post and figure out what I was brutally honest about (although most of my posts are brutally honest!)

    Visiting you from SITS--have a great day!

  5. #8~~Hmm I think I've seen a "TEAR" or 2~! :0)

  6. that was fun, cotton balls are icky too funny

  7. Thanks so much for you honesty. =D I hate wearing heels too but I do wear them on special ocasions so it's rare. heee

  8. that is a pretty amazing list. I let EVERYONE see me cry. It wouldn't kill me to keep to myself every now and again and make up? I hate it but I wear it.

  9. I have a hard time letting other people see me crying too. It is such a very personal thing!

  10. My husband can't touch cottonballs either. Nor can he eat a popsicle off a wooden stick....odd, I know.

  11. OMG, the cotton balls thing is hysterical!


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