Thursday, July 2, 2009

More Flags, More Fun, Six Flags

I am so tired. Why am I tired you may ask. This is why. It's a good kind of tired though. The kind you know you don't get to often. The "I played my heart out and the kids will remember this" kind of tired.

I have been promising to take the girls to Six Flags for a few summers. I just never seemed to make it there. Yesterday we did. We spent 6 hours screaming, laughing, eating, slashing around and just enjoying each other's company.

There were tattoos......

Falling out of the sky......

Balloon popping......

Squeals and screams......

Holding hands......

But most of all there was pure joy.

Words can't express how it filled my heart just to have a day of fun with my girls.

Funny thing, I forgot my cell phone at home and I can't help but think it was God's why of giving me a day off.


  1. That's beautiful! Thanks for reminding me of what I need to do :-).
    I can tell it was an awesome girls day out!

  2. looks like fun was had by all!

    I'm thoroughly impressed that you didn't turn around and get your cell phone. I'm not sure I would've been able to go without.


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