Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Park

They left the house hoping the clouds wouldn’t bring in rain.

They stopped on the way to the park and took pictures of a bunny in the grass.

They held hands as they walked towards the empty playground.

One usually sits on the bench just watching the other one play.

Today she sat but suddenly got the urge to run.

So she did. She chased the other one around and got tickled by her laughter.

They ran up the slides, hung upside down on the monkey bars and kicked their shoes off.

Barefooted on the soft ground they ran after each other, sweating and smiling with delight.

Their imaginations turned the separate playgrounds into pirate ships.

They tossed imaginary water balloons at each other.

Then they were tired. They were hot and thirsty. They left hand in hand and headed home for drinks and a hot bath.

Me and Lael played yesterday. The real kind of play. You know the kind of playing you did when YOU were 5.

I sometimes forget that there is more to parenting than supervising. Being part of her world opened my eyes.

Yesterday I did not sit on the bench reading a book or texting. I played. Just me and her….

And the pirates of course.


  1. lol - I know exactly how you feel except I didn't have pirates, I had sidewalk chalk. :)

  2. That is so good on your part to be a part of your 5 year old's world :) i agree that it would be exhilarating to revisit age 5.

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  3. love it!! thanks for the reminder!!

  4. It's so awesome when we remember to play, isn't it? Last night our whole fam went to the park (even the dog) and I actually got on the swing and raced my girls to see who could get highest first. I felt a little sick after (getting older sucks), but it sure was fun!

  5. That sounds like a blast! I wish I was 5 again :)


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