Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Don't Mind Flirting With Another Woman

Dear Dunkin’ Donuts Girl,

It started with a smile. I am typically not a morning person but I make an exception for those that handle my food.

I smiled the first time because I was really staring at your pierced eyebrow and got caught.

It was rude and I tried to play it off. You smiled back. I ordered my “usual”: a small hot chocolate with whipped cream.

I paid and thought it was over. To my surprise it was only the beginning.

You made a point to call me out of line to specifically take my order. I thought it was nice and you always gave me my change back with a wink. ;o)

I ignored it and walked away sipping my hot chocolaty goodness. Then one particular bad morning. It happened.

I ordered my drink and you weren’t there. I order my “usual” but got back a significantly smaller cup. Hmm. That was odd.

I questioned them on the sizes and the manager made me aware that what I was holding was a SMALL and the next size up was a MEDIUM.

You had been charging me for a small but hooking me up with the next size. Suddenly the winks made sense. Or did they?

A few weeks later you were back at the register and me and a co-worker got in line. I ordered my “usual” and you gave me your “usual”. But this time was different. You whispered something to me and waved away my money.

I ain’t no fool so I tried to pay you again. You refused and I hurried away. But I felt like I had stole.

During my next few visits I made sure to go to another cashier as to avoid you but you managed to slide over and take my order anyway. *Sigh*

Today I upped my ante a bit and ordered my “usual” and added a wheat bagel. You smiled winked, got the MEDIUM cup and filled it. There was another worker standing over your shoulder. You STILL only charged me for the bagel. You smiled at me.

I think you are trying to get fired. Seriously. But until you do, I will continue to smile back and order the “usual”. Who knew flirting with women across the counter could make me all warm inside.


  1. Oooh someone's got a crush - but I can't tell if it is you or her. ;)

  2. girl. she's gonna be asking for your digits soon!

  3. I was thinking the same thing as capello. Next thing you know she's gonna want to put your digits in her cell phone!!

  4. You're too funny.

    That's some HOT chocolate ;)

  5. Dude, free hot chocolate? Go with it!

  6. good to know someone finds you attractive. I'll take what I can get these days.

  7. I'm just saying~~do what you gotta do! But, we must have a "sit down", in everyday conversation you have failed to mention that you are having your "usual" on such a regular basis :0)!

  8. You know you're hot when the ladys start calling!



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