Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cheaper To Pull 'Em

3 cavities.

I'm so serious. 3.

What the hell people?

Just call me Mother of the Year.

They say she got her 6 year old molars 2 years early and it's hard for her to clean them waaaaaay back there.

What I heard was, you are a bad mother who didn't take the time to help your poor little girl clean her teeth properly.


In addition to that, have I ever told you that Lael grinds her teeth. It's bad. Bad enough that in addition to paying for those three fillings (thank god not on her permanent teeth) but I will also have to pay for a mouth guard.

I do, however, lurve, her dentist. She is full of awesome awesomness. And she's pretty. Pretty frickin' awesome.
I guess I can't complain too much because the military covers most of the expenses. They will pay 80% of the fillings and hopefully 50% for the mouth guard.
Whoop whoop Air Force. Thanks a bunch.

Also, I swear that she was wearing shoes when I brought her in. I swear you'd think she grew up in the country.
Speaking of country. Check out this tree man we saw while in Philly on our way to Sesame Place this past weekend.
Creepy huh? You know in a "I wonder who did that it's so neat I want to take a picture for my blog" type of way.

That's all for now. I have to figure out what I can sell on Ebay to cover these dental expenses.
Oh, and just for the record. D is getting braces in a few weeks....
Seriously, I fully support pulling them. They will grow back...right?


  1. Stopping by from SITS... ah yes, the trials and tribulations of dental work for the kiddies. I feel your pain SITSta! My son was 'blessed' with teeth that are VERY crowded in his mouth, which makes flossing an ordeal, and of course means he will needs spacers and probably braces later on. And yes, yay for the military for taking tare of most of the dental expenses, though I personally feel they should cover all of it for you soldiers.

    Oh, and yea, they should grow back if pulled, so no worries. ;-)

  2. I completely tensed up when I saw the photo of the dentist chair. Ugh...the dentist...

  3. ...and she sat through the visit with no complaint or whimper? Wow, your dentist must be really good with kids!

  4. My kid LOVES the dentist. I have no idea why - maybe it's because I hype him up to the same level as Disney World.

  5. I have you beat, Will at 3.5 has 10 but he has an enamel problem and I brush this kids teeth like crazy the dentist told me it wasn't my fault but I feel like a bad mom still

  6. *Popping in from SITS

    My daughter had to have a tooth pulled due to an abcess and infection. She had a good experience with our dentist and another one will grow in it's place because it was a baby tooth.

  7. UGH. I hate dentists...did a blog a while back called "Open Wide and Say Ahhh."

    and I agree...all should be paid for military and families.

  8. Oh man! Poonch had 3 cavities in her molars and when I balked at getting them filled, her dentist reminded me that she will have those molars til she's 12. So then I found myself handing over my insurance card to pay for 3 cavities AND 6 sealants. Nice.

  9. You know you can have all those fillings done on base for FREE and probably get the guard free too. call the dental clinic and ask.

  10. She seems like a brave little girl!

  11. I had 22 cavities when I was six, yes you read that correctly. It was horrible. I brushed my teeth but my enamel is so soft I got cavities all the time.

  12. Ah, Mommy guilt. Gotta love it!! You don't deserve it. You're a good Mom!!

  13. I LOVED the ebay comment!!

    and you are NOT a bad mother. Trust me on that.

  14. Man, that sucks! I'm screwed. My son started teething when he was 3 months old and had two teeth by four months. Then teeth were busting out all over the place. Anyway, when he gets to Lael's age, he'll probably have a zillion teeth. I can barely brush them now! I say "say aaaa!" and he's like "No!" and cramps his mouth shut.

    I grind my teeth like Lael!


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