Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Remember how I told yall I was going to do something productive while on leave? No? Ok, well I did.

I figured since Lael was going to be gone for the week I could re-decorate her playroom.

If you recall from previous posts, that room was a hot ass mess.

If you follow me on Twitter (if not you make me sad) you may have possibly, kinda, sorta read that I might have been spray painting in my backyard, in the dark, with a flashlight.

I'm productive like that ya know?

Well here is the finished product. Kinda. What yall think?

Baskets make everything better.

I brought the lamp at a yard sale for $2. It had a brown base and no shingle thingy. Wapow!

Dollar Tree picture frames. Yes. I'm cheap.

Pottery Barn Kids curtains purchased at yard sale for $4. Pottery Barn Kids Flower pegs were $1 each and were white. Little spray paint and Wapow! Picture was $12 at Tar-Jay!

Polk-a-Dot basket. $6 at Tar-Jay. Whoo Hoo!

Pottery Barn Kids Rack $4-5 at yard sale and you know what happened with the spray paint right.....Wapow!

Cork board was $6 at Tar-Jay. Add a little gumdrop purple spray paint. Wapow! I'm just saying.

I'm a little proud of myself. Thanks for asking.

Oh and Thank You Target! I wuv you!


  1. Seriously? Where the hell do you live that your garage sales have pottery barn stuff?!

    The room looks awesome!

    And I totally follow you on twitter, apparently my husband is going to too. Great news!!

  2. You had me at "baskets make everything better" I'm banned from spray painting things though!

  3. This looks GREAT!! Can you come do mine?

  4. I gotta go shoppin with you. I only wish that I were that frugal of a shopper.

    I'm not in the recession, but I'm starting a business and I've got to learn how to shop like that! Dangit girl!

    Great work on the room by the way!

  5. So cute!! So who was your inspirtation??? :p

  6. I heart Tar-jay! And you rock! good WORK, lady. I love it that you painted in the dark, SO something I would do!

  7. Awesome job! It looks great!


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