Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008 Part 2 and The Aftermath

The sucky part about being a split family is that we have to share holidays. Last year we had D for Christmas so this year was her moms turn. While it's nice to have time with just Lael, during the holidays it doesn't feel right without the whole family.

Tonight I had to pick up D but made sure I brought out her presents from Santa. Because of course Santa has both of her addresses and brings toys to both places...of course, didn't yall know that.

So when we got back this is what she saw, plus a few more things I had forgot about and gave her later.

There were no complaints from this little girl, she was very happy. Who wouldn't be if they got 2 Christmas' every year!

Here is what was left over from her.....but I get to send most of her stuff home with her. The problem is what to do about this:

I thought I did good by getting rid of stuff before the holiday. Apparently I didn't know Santa would be quite so good to my little one. Was she really that nice this year??

Looking at them enjoy themselves reminds me that it was all worth it! My rock stars never get old to me.
I wonder if they will grow out of toys between now and next Christmas?
Probably not.

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  1. Probably not, but it looks like they're having a GREAT time! :-D


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