Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm So Lazy I Will Just List Random Things

-The little boy Sean from this post turned out to be either 10 or 11 in the 5th grade. Yeah. I know.

-My husband might take my new toy back to the store because I won't stop snapping photos.

-Gymnastics on a Thursday night at 7pm will result in a 5 year old bouncing off the walls well past 9pm.

-If it doesn't stop raining I think my house my start floating down the Potomac River.

-Decided to give up on putting Christmas lights on the house, you know since it's already the 11th, kinda defeats the purpose.

-I felt a little sick to my stomach when I hear they found a toddler skull and believe it to be Caylee. I really hope it isn't but either way it's just sad.

-On a good note, Lael told me she likes my butt. Yeah, she said it was cute. My self-esteem shot through the roof!


  1. Oh man, I didn't hear the news about Caylee Anthony. I stopped following it because it makes me so ill to think.

    I'm glad Lael likes your butt. My kids tell me mine is big.

  2. 10 or 11--what the?! I would have FREAKED!!

    So sad about Caylee.

    I am glad that she likes your butt--my would tell me that it's big or fat or something!!

  3. Well I guess it is good for a child to like their mothers rear.
    They look at it a lot from down there and back there.

    YEah, the rained stopped, too bad it wasn't snow like New Orleans.

    Thankful you just bought yourself a little more time with the boy issue. Lucky devil.

  4. Hi Cute Butt,
    Um...this Caylee thing. I have to go check it out cause I'm totally clueless. You're right, either way--so sad.


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