Friday, December 19, 2008

Presents O' Plenty

The Christmas cheer continues around here. Today at work we had our Holiday (Christmas, but they won't call it that) Hallway party and we had our Secret Santa Gift Exchange.

This is always fun to me because you never know who's name you'll pick and who picked you. It is a cool way to see how people's minds work and just how creative they can be.

Many cool gifts were given out today, from Margarita glasses to bottles of wine to spa baskets. The person I picked is a huge Redskins fan so I purchases some Skins stuff and he was happy. I got some great stationary myself but also a few other things.

When I got to my office this morning my desk was filled with 7 gifts! 5 were for me, 2 for Lael and 1 for D. I have people I work with that really do care and it is touching. Our hallway party was pretty great, yall know I like to eat. I tried not to overdo it but I did sample just about everything.

I even managed to crash my 3rd party this month. Why, you may ask since we had our own free food? Because they had wine! Hello, that's all I needed to hear. Nothing makes your day at work better than a glass (or in this case a clear plastic cup) of cold wine.

While I spent most of my day on my feet, it turned out to be a great day. I waited until I got home to open my things and loved everything I got. Lael opened her things as well. I thought it would be cruel to make her wait until Christmas (ok, ok, I am really the one who was curious to see what she had).

I love how everyone is so thoughtful this time of year and wish that it lasted all year long. Me and my cheer and my helper will be going out shopping tomorrow to play Santa for those last few special folks in our lives.

How gorgeous are these cookies? Really gorgeous, I know.

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  1. I was the exact same way when I was working. A little wine at a party...I'm there. Nothing makes the day more enjoyable (and pass more quickly) than a bit of wine in those dainty plastic cups.

    Loved seeing the goodies from your holiday gift exchange at work. You work with some wonderful people...what great gifts you received! :)



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