Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Solstice PJ Party

I didn't have time to post yesterday for a few reasons. When I got off of work, I had to go straight to the store here on base because my lovely Nikon's flash was malfunctioning. I don't know what I did or did not do but me nor my friend could figure it out.

I honestly thing something was wrong with the camera, but either way it cost way to damn much to try to just let it go. I took it back and the lady started going through the exchange process. Well when she took my id card and entered my social in the system, something popped up stating that something was wrong with my account.

She asked me if I owed money or had any returned checks? No, I told her (at least not recently), I hadn't written a check in 5 or more months. I knew for a FACT that I didn't owe them any money but didn't really care because I had paid for this camera and I wanted to exchange it not get my money back. Well long story short, words were exchanged, but I got my camera, a shiny newer one. So now I have a new, new camera and the flash works great. However, I WILL be calling to find out why that happened because it really ticked me off.

I got today off of work because, well, because I deserved a day off. My day off happened to coincide with Lael's Winter Solstice Pajama Party at school today. Whoo Hooo, I get to test out my new new camera. I rode with my friend and when I got there the kids were making paper snowflakes and doing various Winter activities.

I joined in on the fun, in my PJ's of course! I even paid my $2.75 to eat the school lunch (that was so disgusting and I will NEVER force Lael to eat school lunch again when I'm being too lazy to make it) and then helped set up for our ice cream party.

It was a blast and all of the kids were well behaved. I love being a mom and being able to be a part of fun times like this. It surely makes the hard days seem far and few.

Here are a few photos of Lael!


  1. You and Lael both have such cute pajamas! Love it! And glad you got the camera exchange all worked out.

  2. OH look she posted her very own bathroom shot. HAHAHA, Glad you have a great boyfriend that fixed your computer so you can post photos. He just is nice huh. Cute too!!!!

  3. How FUN!!! You gals look sooo cute in your pj's i'm planning on starting a tradition of opening pjs on Christmas eve and wearing them Christmas to bed and on Christmas morning!! Soo cute!!

  4. cute PJ's!!! Lael looked adorable as well, but that lunch... not so much!!


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