Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Whooo Hooooo!!!!!!

Some know that I have been talking about my new dream camera. I've entered MckMama's contest and even come up with a savings plan to have it by the summer. I don't have credit cards (and don't care to) so all that I have is what's saved in the bank account. Right now we are at a time in our lives where if I can touch the money I don't need to spend it.

I was sitting in my room talking on the phone when something out of place caught my eye.

Looks like Santa even took the sales ad I've been carrying around like a security blanket to make sure they got the right model. I know we don't have money for this but a little birdie told me that my MIL had something to do with it.

Hubby usually doesn't give me presents on Christmas he like to give me "gifts" before or after the fact...yeah he's weird like that. I love my family. No matter how broke or down I am, someone always recognizes the hard work I put into this family and this is what the results are.


While setting up my new camera, Lael decided she wanted to get on my laptop (which she says is a computer without all the strings and stuff) so that she can do some online reading.

She is serious about her computer time.....except when she laughing at Spongebob. God I love this smile.


  1. WOOO HOOO Girl!!!! Oh Happy Day!!!! You will LOVE it....I got a Nikon D60 in July for my birthday what a great camera...have fun playing around with it!!!! What a great hubby don't you feel so spoiled ...I know I did...look forward to your fancy new photography! I tagged you in the Christmas Meme if you want to play!

  2. Unbelieveably jealous!! I want a D60 or D80 but looks like I will have to buy that one myself. Congratulations!!! I hope you get some good shots soon. What a great Man and MIL!!! See you are blessed.

  3. You'll love this one! You can buy protective "Skins" for it in a variety of colors. Great resolution and the Nikon lenses (and those made by Sigma for it) are fab. Nikon's what I used for my photojournalism degree, as did most of my professors:) Happy shooting.

    BTW, don't you just LOVE unexpected presents? So special.

  4. Yayyy a new camera!! What a great gift, you will use it for so many years to come! You deserve it!!


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