Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Is It Really Considered Stalking?

Lael has quite a few boys in her class. When I think about it the boys out number the girls. There are 22 kids in her class and only 9 of them are girls. She's always had her favorites in the class. Charlotte, Eleanor, Siddiq and so forth.

I chaperoned quite a few trips last year and so far most of them this year. Because of that I have become pretty familiar with most of the kids and their names. One of the boys in her class from last year was Sean. He wasn't a bad kid but not one that Lael talked about frequently.

This year I noticed that we lost a few kids from her class and gained a few new ones. I'm not too familiar with the new kids yet but I still know their names through her.

Since the beginning of the year Lael has brought little trinkets home and said they were from Sean. A pencil, a toy car and other things. I am sure I asked her who they were from and even demanded that she return them because I'm sure that other person's mommy wouldn't want them giving their things away. I'm sure she told me but I probably was distracted (from all the laundry and cleaning I do....sike) and didn't really hear who she told me.

Well, recently in her drawing at home Sean has began to make frequent appearances. I thought it was a little strange but figured that kids change cliques faster than adults and she is such a friendly kid that maybe her and Sean had gotten closer this year.

I paid no mind to the drawing but then more stuff started coming home and I finally heard that it was Sean she was getting all this stuff from. In addition to that, she is constantly talking about him. Things she wants to buy him, his favorite color, and on and on. It has started to kinda weirded me out. I don't want her getting so attached to a boy I barely know....at 5!

Tonight I braided her hair and put pretty pink and white beads on the ends and she was really excited about the process. Sean is going to think they are pretty she said. She started talking about Sean having pretty brown hair and white skin and how they are different.

What?!? I was really confused. The Sean I thought I knew from her class was a little black boy with dark hair and I'm pretty sure my girl knows her colors. I realize that her teacher has a class website that has pictures of all the kids in her class so we log on so she can point out to me who Sean is. I'm curious to see who this darling is that has my daughter so infatuated with him.

Guess what? He's not in her class. Apparently the Sean from last year isn't even in her class anymore. I ask her about it and she explains that that Sean goes to another school but this new Sean doesn't even go to her school. She says he's older (great, she likes older guys already) six, and goes to a different school. Ok, I think how does she know him? He rides her bus.

That means they only get to spend a short amount of time together and he has still managed to create such and impact on my little one. She talks more about him and then when I finish her hair and show her in the mirror she says Sean is going to love the butterfly and heart beads mommy....yeah I'm sure he will.

I then tuck her in bed and she tells me goodnight and that she will dream of Sean. Ahhhhhh!!!!! She assures me that she only likes him as a friend (what else would she like him as??) and tells me she just dreams of him coming to her house to play with her toys. But still? Dream of him. Seriously?

I need to know who this child is? I told her to find out what school he goes to and ask for him to write his number down so I can call his mommy and arrange a play date since he has to live here on base. Is that crazy of me? I don't even care. I need to know! I need to put my own eyes on this kid. I just might climb on the bus with her tomorrow and tell him to stand up so I can size him up myself. Maybe I could find out what bus stop he get on/off of and scope him out. Yeah, I will result to stalking a 6 year old.

Ok, I'm calm now. But as I hear Lael snoring right now in the other room, I can't help but to wonder exactly what she's dreaming about. Who is this boy?


  1. Oh yeah. It's fun having girls. Both of my older ones are always crushing on some "guy." They say guy, not boy, and it BUGS me.

    It's kind of sweet, but I totally see your need to know who the kid is! Weird that he isn't even in her class.

  2. Crazy right?! The girls in Kindergarten were ALWAYS chasing my son and telling him that he was cute and that they wanted to be his girlfriend. WHAT THE?! These kids are 5 and 6!!

    I would want to know who he is too!!


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