Monday, December 29, 2008

Not Me! Monday

I did not leave work way earlier than I was supposed to on Monday and Tuesday. Hey there was really nothing to do.

I did not give into Lael (with help) after hearing this: "Mom, I really need to cut some paper, I promise not to cut myself, I promise, not even a little piece, not even my hand I promise." She did keep her promise. Thank goodness.

I did not play Dance Revolution with my friend, looking like and idiot, but have so much fun I didn't care. Nope not me.

I did not bang myself in the head with a door in a rush to get presents out of the closet. I'm not a klutz like that.

I did not almost cry when my husband told me our car needed a part and I would not be able to go to my moms for Christmas. If this happened my daddy would come pick up me and Lael and we would spend the night.

I did Italicnot get awaken at 4am by daddy the next morning to have him drop me and baby off because they had to work. Who would get up that early the day after Christmas.

I did not get a little sad because there wasn't anything under the tree for me but then giggle to myself when I realized my present was around my neck and I was taking pictures with it. Silly me, or not me.

I did not almost have a heart attack when I read baby Stellan was in the hospital. Once again, I am not, I repeat not, obsessed with blog friends kids.

I did not buy myself a pair of tennis shoes and walk around pretending they were a Christmas present. They are really cute though!

I am not planning a slumber party for D for Tuesday night. Who has kids over on a weeknight?

I am not in disbelief about the fact that said child will be 7 on New Year's Eve. She is growing before my very eyes.

I did not have better Not Me's but kept forgetting to draft them so had to come up with these at that last minute. Oh well! Your turn, last time to get thing off your chest before the New Year!!


  1. My husband got a wii, and I think the first investment I will make in it is DDR. And then I will (not) look like a dork.

  2. You know my son was cutting some paper I looked at his sleeve...yeah he was cutting his sleeve! I guess they were a little to long! LOL! Oh and I love DDR, I miss playing it with my friends in Hawaii. Have a great week!


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