Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Me! Monday

I did not feel really bad when Lael asked me to come take care of her when my husband left the downstairs area and I was sick. I'm a good mommy who doesn't let a little bug knock her down.

I was not tickled when Lael kicked her boots off and pulled her stinky socks off her feet and dangle them in my face and say "Sock my dear". My child is not weird and do weird things.

I did not get so sick this week that I couldn't eat for 2 days. But if I did, I probably lost a few pounds.

I did not spend all day Saturday cleaning just so I wouldn't feel bad for staying on my butt all day Sunday. How lazy would that be.

I did not keep forgetting to buy toothpaste so was forced to brush with Lael bubblegum flavored Dora toothpaste. Sooo not the same.

I did not get dressed to go to a ballet and realize most of my clothes don't fit me anymore. I really need to get back to the gym.

I have not been so lazy that I have not put up any Christmas decorations except for my tree. My child deserves much more holiday cheer than that.

I did not worry all day about Heather's son like he was my own and tear up when I heard he got out of surgery safely. I am not attached to bloggy friends and their families.

I am not thinking of saving up my Christmas money to hire Merry Maids just to clean my bathrooms and catch up all my laundry. Yeah. I'm really thinking about it.

I did not get up this morning to get ready for work and while posting this my shower did not cut off. I have not lost water in my house proably because it is 24degrees!!! If that happened I would be really pissed not to mention stank.

Wheew....I am cleansed. How about you? Fess up yall'. Happy Monday! :o)


  1. You are so cute!

    I am attached to my blog friends too...I think my man is finally used to it so he doesn't give me weird looks anymore when I tell him passionately about something that I read on a blog!

    Your daughter is beautiful! Take advantage of not having to go all out (Christmas, bdays, whenever) while you can! I'm sure she's probably already begging you for more though!

  2. Merry Maids sounds lke a great idea! Don't feel bad...I don't even have my tree up!

  3. I do not know from my own experience that Dora toothpaste kinda leaves ya feeling like you brushed your teeth with juice. LOL

  4. Ooooh, thank you!!! I think it's great that you care so much for Asher. Bloggy friends rock!

  5. I hate it when I have to use my kids' toothpaste! BLECH!

  6. LOVE it!! I have never forgotten to buy toothpaste and had to use the kids bubblegum flavored either!!

  7. Great list. Merry Maids is an awesome idea. I love having a cleaning person. I only just finished decorating my tree which sat empty for 3 weeks so don't feel too bad about that.

  8. Love the list of Not Me's!

    Kids toothpaste-- is definitely not something I would NOT want to do lol (the NOT stuff gets confusing doesnt it?)

    Great site. Love the Signature... Im jealous. My site isn't quite as fancy just yet... maybe Santa will bring me a bloggy make over for Christmas!? Ya think? lol

  9. You are funny! I vote for the Merry Maids!!! You little girl is so sweet, (and looks like she has a great sense of humor too, lol!). Hope you're feeling better.

  10. OMG if only I had a maid.....I would just die from happiness!! Im sorry you were sick!! Im glad your feeling well enough to blog!!! lol have a great day!!

  11. I tell my hubby every year that I want a maid for Christmas!

  12. Isn't it funny how even though we HATE to be sick... we LOVE the loss of pounds afterwards!! :)

  13. LOL @ the bubblegum toothpaste!

  14. I can not stand when I have to brush with the kids paste! YUCK! :) LOL!


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