Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Angels

Life has been a little tough for me lately. Since me and hubby have been together (8 years) we have always had 2 incomes. Last year his contract for the job he had been at for 5 year ended and since then the job hunt has been hard.

We did fine when the unemployment kicked in but once it stopped, oh boy. It was a big shock to us as a family and we had to get tons of help from our family to stay afloat.

We cut back on things and really started budgeting and now we are doing fine off of just my income but there isn't really much room for extra. With the holidays creeping up on me, I had began to stress about how I was going to pull Christmas off.

Angels that's how. God has a way of giving when needed. First off, the party I went to last weekend landed me with almost 80 bucks in tips and then after that my FIL gave me 125 buckaroos just for doing such a great job.

My MIL had already given me 100 to kick start my shopping so things were looking really great for me. Well last month a supervisor at work wanted a wish list for me and my family. It quickly gave her a list and thought nothing else of it until yesterday.

I get a call to go pick up some things. What I see when I get there are 2 black bags full of wrapped presents. Every. Single. One. I asked for was in there. Gift cards, dolls, pajamas, Little Ponies, Screwdriver set, Twilight Series, all of it. I couldn't believe it.

We all received 4 things each and this has taken such a burden off of my chest. I still have an extra 100 coming from another grandmother and that has made it easier on me to let my money go to bills and not have pinch pennies. There really is a God and his angels are walking among us. I have been surrounded by them and words can't express how much I needed this.

What to do with the little bit of extra money I had set aside? I will be able to get small gifts for my friend and her 4 kids, and my few family members. In addition to that, I have felt the need to pay if forward and help out another family.

Lael goes to a school that is part of a cluster. There is a Pre-K and K school, an 1-4th grade school and a middle school. One of the cluster families lost their home to a fire recently and they have NOTHING.

Here is a little blurp about them and what they need:

Help continues to be needed by a Cluster family who lost everything in a fire late last week. Donations of children's clothing (size 7-8, girl) or toys / books / art supplies for a 7-year-old girl accepted. Also clothes for the mom (sizes 14 - 18) and grandmother (size 5). Drop off your gently-used items, gift cards, and donations to Ms. Steele's classroom. Give what you can and make a difference.

I will help. I know not many read my blog but for those that do and think that they may have anything to donate to this family please email me at laels_mom@yahoo.com. Anything can help. Be someone's angel.


  1. Nothing like a good cry at 7:24 in the morning!! What a beautiful post!! God is real and you are very blessed!!

    We have helped out 2 families this year. We don't have a ton of money but one desperatly needed food so we got them a bunch of groceries. The other family needed presents for the children so we did that. It always makes you feel better when you serve/give to someone else!! You are a GREAT woman!!

  2. We always do some sub for Santa or angel tree something at Christmas. It makes me so happy.

    I think it's wonderful how God always comes through for us.

  3. It is such a blessing how the Lord watches over us. Many years ago, when my husband was out of work for a year we had so many blessings too. He provided for our needs through family, friends, and even my doctor who gave me free sample medication!

  4. Wow-there really are angels around you! Everyone deserves (especially children) a magical Christmas.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. that is awesome!!! God is good, i totally know what you are going through. Jay was laid off from wachovia in Aug and started with KB in sept but it was not working out, with the market he had to quit....he has found another job, but it has been REALLY tight. I will pray that God will pray for continued provision in your life.

  6. What an inspiring post. I love how God provided for you and even gave you a little extra to help out another family.

    Thank you for coming to my blog about a month ago! I've not been too present on the blogs lately, but I have enjoyed reading your past posts and learning about you and your cute daughter.


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