Sunday, December 7, 2008

When Did This Become A Debate

Lael has always been an easy child. I don't have much to compare it to besides my step-mothering and babysitting, but if I had to guess I'd say compared to others she was a great baby.

She never cried much as a newborn, she slept through the night (in my bed) at a very early age. Besides a few ear infections and one incident that led her to get stitches at 18mths she has been pretty much sick/injury free. In daycare she was always the child they loved like a daughter. She potty trained in a few weeks right after she turned 2 w/o wetting the bed more that 5 times ever. Since starting school last year she has been a star pupil. Of course she had her days but overall a problem free child.

A small part of me is beginning to think I had this so called luck for a reason. I strongly believe God has something bigger in store for me. I think he spared me the colicky baby and multiple trips to the ER for a reason.

What I think he was preparing me for is NOW. The Lael that is currently living with me is not the baby I raised. She is a hurricane. I mean full blown run through a room and bring all the forces with her. I am constantly battling with her to stop running, stop throwing toys, clean up behind herself. But more importantly everything is a debate.

Since when did everything become a debate. I tell her she's going to go to school and she insist that she's not going and I can't make her. She's talking back, smart mouthing and getting really close to getting choked out.

Everything has become a debate. Everything I ask (or tell) her to do has to have an explanation behind it. I mean don't get me wrong, I expected to have these issues but not at 5. Is anyone else having these issues. I knew about the terrible 2's and the horrible 3's but what the hell is this.

She is a good kid, don't get me wrong. But this side of her I could do without. I now know why she was such a quiet baby. She was saving it all for now. Is this a phase or is this her personality coming out. How do I approach this without losing my cool. I grew up in a home where you did as you were told and didn't ask questions. I want to have a house where her opinion counts but this is a bit much. Any suggestions??


As a side note, I watched the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family and the Goblet of Fire is almost like a whole new movie watching "Cedric Diggory/Edward". I just can't look at him the same anymore. Twilight has changed me forever! Whoo Hooo!


  1. Oh man, i thought I was reading about my daughter ;-) Em has learned the art of debate also and like yours she was the easiest baby ever!!! This age is fun but challenging isnt it?

  2. OMG!!! I am having this problem with my 4 year old daughter too! She was definitely an easy baby, slept through the night at 6 weeks, and has been nothing short of an angel until now. I really think she's picked a lot of this backtalking up at school. She'll argue with me and tell me she's not my best friend anymore [ummm...excuse me?], and all sorts of weird stuff. I am hoping it's just a phase though. I was never like that with my mom so I don't know where the temperment comes from :( hoping it will pass for you and me both soon!!!

  3. I have no advice to offer, as I am facing a similar predicament. I love how you described your daughter as a "hurricane"; even more as "5 going on 15" in your sidebar. Isn't that the truth? There are days that I look at my son and think, where did you come from? You are certainly not the boy I raised. :)

    My only solace is the phrase, this too will pass.

    It ain't much, is it? :)


    PS: GREAT profile pic.


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