Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me! Monday

I did not try to take off a girls ankles who cut me off walking on the Metro. I am not a bitch and would never do that.

I did not eat so much at my work Thanksgiving feast that I was gassy the rest of the night. Gross, who does that?

I did not fabricate a cold to get out of lovin' with my hubby. I am a great wife who "takes care" of her husband.

I did not cry when Lael cried because I couldn't attend a school function because of work. I am a big girl...or mommy. (My hubby and mother-in-law went to surprise her!)

I did not ask someone to pick something up for me and then regret it when they stalked me to pick it up. I'm sure it was taking up all the space in their house!

I did not eat until I almost burst and then proceed to take too much food home with me. Only a greedy person would do that.

I did not get up at 3am Friday to tackle the crowds for the best deals. I so did not save tons of money.

I did not get touched by gross men at a bar and just about run out of there to get home. I am much cooler than that.

I did not set my alarm to go shopping Saturday and not get up and I most certainly did not instead sleep in until 11. I get up early and do wifey things.

And I would never sleep in again to Sunday till 11 and whine and complain when hubby woke me up to make eggs to go with his pancakes. I always cook Sunday breakfast for my family.

Once again I feel cleansed...head over to MckMama's and add your confessions! Happy Monday!


  1. That's great!! I never fake sick or a headache to get out of my wifly duties--never!!

  2. I love your lists....very funny. I also didn't do many of those things...I won't say which ones.

  3. Great list! Thanks for sharing =)
    I love when you ask someone to pick you up something and they act like it took all their spare time/energy to do so.

  4. You're too funny. I can relate to so many of these. Sleeping until 11...NOT one of them. My little Asher does NOT allow me to do that. Or...
    I totally would :)

  5. lol - the old men at the bar--ewww!

  6. Your list is great..... I love the "got a head cold, so no lovin'".... too funny!!

  7. Too funny! Love that you faked a cold... and amazed that it worked. Haha

  8. Oh, I have NEVER faked a cold (or "I *still* have that darn time of the month!:P) If the cold one fails, I have LOTS of good ones...11+ years of marriage worth :) Thanks for the laugh!

  9. haha faked a cold?! That's hilarious! I'm getting all kinds of pointers for whenever I do actually get married. Thanks for stopping by my place!


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