Saturday, November 15, 2008

Always Good for a Giggle

Lael's quite funny. She is always making me laugh. Here are a few things she's said.

Last night my husband went to pick up D. She must have brought her school pictures with her and left them on the kitchen counter.

This morning me and La are up eating breakfast before Gymnastics and I picked up the pictures and showed them to her.

She looks at them and this conversation occurred:

Her: "Mommy...D is the President of the United States!?!?"

Me: "No, what are you talking about?"

Her: "Well she has the United States behind her."

Me: (Giggling) "Lael that's the United States Flag, she got to pick that background like when you picked your purple background for school pictures."

Her: "Oh...hee hee. I thought it was supposed to be Orock Obama."

Me: "Yes will be soon."

And then tonight we were at my girlfriends for dinner. She had made fajitas and some other yummy goodness including cranberry sauce.

I didn't think La had ever had it before and the strange look she gave it on her plate confirmed just that.

I looked at her slice it up with her fork and then take a nibble. I explained to her that it was cranberry sauce.

She looked up with me with wide eyes and said:

"I can EAT cranberry!?"

Yes honey, cool. Isn't that just cool how they do that.


  1. So, did she like the cranberry sauce?? :)

  2. I know...did she like it? I am responding to your comment on the privacy post...I too glance at blogs and do not comment...but this one in particular that is creeping me out has looked at my blog everyday several times a day and has read through my entire blog over the last few weeks....which is fine but what creeps me out is that they click on all of my daughter's pictures to make them larger but never my son's....just worries me a bit as they live in my area...across the country would bother me less than right around the corner...maybe not a worry but it gets me thinking I guess.


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