Monday, November 17, 2008

What Else Could Santa Possibly Bring?

Lael is a lucky lucky lucky girl. Spoiled some may call it, but I like to look at it from the standpoint that she will only be a little girl once.

Most of the things she has have been brought by others like my mom, my husbands mom and so forth.

Every year before Christmas, me and La go through her toy room and find things to give to Goodwill or other friends who's children aren't as fortunate.

Tonight we decided to tackle this:

And this, Toy Box #1, yeah.....there's more than one. is Toy Box #2. Full to the rim with stuffed animals and dress up clothes.

Obviously, Lael had more fun "cleaning" than I did. She's so silly.

Those baskets under the tv. Those are filled with books and puzzles. The ones that couldn't fit on her bookshelf in her room. Yeah, I didn't even take pictures of the toys in her room.

She's was giving mommy some lovin'. She tells me I'm the best mommy and get here everything she wants.

Getting in the Christmas spirit brings out the silliness in us. Anyone need any toys??? I have some, they are sure. Ok, don't say I didn't offer.

In other news you wouldn't believe what one of my co-workers said to me today.
Ok, my job is basically a military trip planner. I book the military flights, hotel and transportation.
One of the ladies that work for a big wig in my section sent me an email that asks for me to book him on a particular type of aircraft.
This I cannot do. I can request a military plane for a certain day for a certain time and they give me what they can find. However, I do not have enough power to ask for a certain type of plane.
I give her a call and explain this to her. She sounded a little annoyed and had the nerve to say this.
"Well, I know you are friends with them over there so I was hoping you could slip them a little something."
What the HELL is that supposed to mean?? What did she have in mind? A few dollars, a peep show? I really can't tell. I was close to losing my mind but I politely got off the phone and tried to get myself together.
Seriously people, I can't make this stuff up.


  1. Carlota would like to cash in on some of the small girl toys if you let her. She needs them for her daycare. Let me know whatcha think. We GOTTA TALK!!! I'm about to lose it.

  2. Hey! :) My husband does a similar job here at TRANSCOM. I have enjoyed looking over your blog!

    Have a great day!!!

  3. Oh Lord, I thought that toy situation was just at MY house. Glad to know someone else has to deal with multiple toy boxes too!

  4. Can I come play? Lol...


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