Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me! Monday

I did not realize at the end of a day last week that I had been wearing my underwear backwards the entire day. I would have noticed the uncomfortableness (is that even a word???) of that.

I did not write a post using the word "shit" more times than I should have. I would never "speak" that way.

I did not give Lael Burger King for dinner 2 nights last week. Not me the "perfect" mother.

I did not let Lael stay up a little late some nights this week just because I had worked so late and hadn't seen her all day. That would be irresponsible.

I did not, and I feel a need to repeat, DID NOT purposely bump into a guy who decided to stop walking in the middle of the sidewalk when I had just got off a 12hr shift. Only a person who has no patience for rudeness would do that.

I did not stare down a guy on the elevator at work because I wanted to test the theory that people try to avoid contact in small spaces. That would just be creepy.

I did not curse my husband out in the middle of the mall because he was being a jerk. Only a horrible wife would do that.

I did not avoid eating all day yesterday just so when I went to Baha Fresh I would be able to eat all my food. That would be greedy.

Ahhh...Now I feel better. Your turn.


  1. Bwahaha! I needed that! So funny...Thanks so much for visiting :-D.

  2. i am flipping laughing out loud about the guy tap! sooooo funny! youu are my kinda lady...and what a sweet little girl you have!

  3. I am also NOT cranky after my 12 hour shifts, and I did NOT use the fact that I worked 26 hours this past weekend as an excuse to do PRACTICALLY NOTHING today!

    I also did NOT feed my kids Chick fil a TWICE in one day, today!

    Love your Not MEs!

  4. Loved the one about the stare down in the elevator! Thanks for stopping by my blog. -Ash

  5. Yumm..Baja Fresh =) Thanks for visiting my blog!


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