Thursday, November 13, 2008

America's Next Top Toddler (or preschooler)

Today was cold and rainy and all I ever want to do on cold an rainy days is curl up on the couch and watch TV with a bag of chips and salsa.

But for Of course I had to go to work. Thank goodness for Veteran's Day this work week has been short so I was extra excited that it's almost Friday!!!

I hitched a ride home with a co-worker so that I didn't have to encounter my daily public transportation dance. I would get home 15 minutes early because of this ride and as a bonus wouldn't have some strange, stinky guy pressing himself against me on the crowded Metro Train...eewww.

Anyway, I get home and the door is locked so I rang and could hear the piddle paddle of Lael's little feet running down the stairs to come unlock the door for me. I was so ready to wrap my arms around my 30 something pounds of sweetness but guess what I saw when she opened the door??

What is that on her lips you may ask?? What that? Oh that, yeah that's lipstick. The only tube I own and have had since she was 1 when I bought it to put on her cheeks for her 1st...well 2nd Halloween since she was 2 days old on her 1st one.
Yeah but I pulled it out this past Halloween to give her rosy cheeks as a Cheerleader and the laziness that consumes me led me to leave it in a CLEAR bag sitting on my kitchen counter.

Her it is on her shirt. I'm not even going to think about whether the SHOUT will get this stain out.

And of course she would have it smeared down her leg as well. If she's going to stain her clothes it may as well be the whole damn outfit right?

Here is the evidence on the counter where the CLEAR bag used to live. So what did I do you may ask? I grabbed my camera and took pictures of course! Just when I wonder what I'm going to blog about opportunity presents itself.
I can't be mad at the little squirt, what else would a normal 5 year old girl who is just learning about "fashion" do with a tube of lipstick sitting all whilly nilly on the kitchen counter??
I guess she won't be like me, the mom who never has and never will wear makeup...or is this a one time thing. Ask me in about 10 years. I do have 10 years to think about makeup right???


  1. Aww, too cute! I'm going home to a knot on the forehead (Hubby called me at work to tell me she bumped her head on the arm of the chair), so I'll take going home to a lipstick-covered little girl, any day! :-D

  2. Wow Keyona....I can't LIVE without 10 tubes of lipstick. Lipstick is my best friend. Consequently, I've had lipstick moments many, many times. USed to draw pictures on the wall, all over cute faces, all over cute clothes.

    The good news: It generally comes out pretty easily. And hey, for you, you don't even have to be mad that she ruined your favorite tube, right? You can throw it away with nary a thought.

    I'm glad you took the pictures, she's adorable! :)


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