Saturday, November 29, 2008

Be Glad You're Married...or at least NOT dating

So last night I got to hang out with a few girlfriends. I don't typically got out...ok I never go out so it's been a while. I partied myself out between 18-23 so once I got it out of my system I preferred to stay at home with my baby.

However, it is nice to get out every now and then and let my hair to speak. I met the girls at a pool/bar place. We met at 7pm and when I got their it was really lit and there were only a handful of people in there playing pool or drinking at the bar. I thought it would be nice a low key and we would have a few drinks and lots of laugh and then I would head home.

Not. So. Much. A little while after I got settled a two guys wanted to play pool and offered to pay for a table if we would play. My one girlfriend who frequents there and came with her own pool stick jumped at the opportunity and dragged me along.

While I did grow up with a pool table in my house, I am no where near good. I mean I know rules and how to hold a stick and hit the ball but it typically doesn't make it into the hole. We played, I sucked but we won...both games. We thanked them for a fun game and as I turned to walk away the one guy grabbed me into some type of bear hug. Now I feel a need to say I knew him all of 20 minutes. Really. I don't know if that is OK now. Is that what guys do now? Has it been that long since I've been out?

I gave huggy guy a little push off of me and kind of laughed it off and headed back to my table. I was a bit grossed out but pressed on determined to enjoy my night. The two guys kind of lingered by our table but he knew better then to touch me again. When they finally set to leave he kind of leaned over me and slurred something about getting my cell phone so he could put his number in it. Ewww. I told him me and my husband shared the cell phone (harmless white lie) and that scared his ass away for good.

I was glad when they left and we had a few laughs and proceeded on with our oh so good fun. Half an hours or so passed by and this couple comes in and starts to play pool near our table. Me and the guy made eye contact once and I gave him a polite smile. In case you're wondering my polite smile is one where I don't show my teeth just a cute turn up of my mouth. Well apparently that's all he needed. He could not keep his eyes off of me. He even put his glass of beer on the shelf right beside me so he could come drink out of it every few minutes. My friends told him he was being really rude to his girlfriend but he said he didn't care and kept trying to get me to talk to him. I stopped looking at him and felt really bad for his girlfriend who obviously had gotten used to him behaving that way.

I was once more relieved when they left and live DJ had come in. I got on the floor do teach my friend a few dances. The cupid shuffle, cha-cha slide and the booty call...yes it's a dance. I was really having a great time. When I got back to our table there were a few guys around it and one was even in my chair. I had decided I was tired (from getting up at 3am to shop) and wanted to go home. Before I got my coat on I was telling my friends goodbye and then another random guy walks up to me and started playing with my hair. I thought I would lose my mind. What the hell! I pulled back and tried to ignore him and then he started rubbing his finger on my arm. I then knew it was time for me to get the hell out of there.

Overall I did have a good time but it really opened my eyes about what the dating scene has turned into. I was completely grossed out by t he way men now approach women and how when they are out with their girlfriends they are still on the prowl. So I do feel sorry for my friends who are both single. I now see how hard it can be to find a good man. Be glad yall are married or swearing off dating because if you weren't before I assure you that you would swear them off if you were out with me. :0)


  1. Those guys totally deserved a slap to the face! Especially the one with total disregard for his girlfriend...omg.

  2. hi there, surfed over from big mama...i know what ya mean girl...guys are gross these days....they have no shame....

    ill be back, i love makin new blogger buddies!!

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog!! I love making new blog friends!! Your blog is GREAT!! I will be a frequent visitor!!

    I am SO glad that I am married and don't have to play the dating game crap anymore!!

  4. They all deserved a slap or something. That is just rude.I feel for women who are single and dealing with jerks.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I think I will be heading over here every once in awhile.


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