Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Your Gonna Miss This...Moment #4

Lael has loved baths since she was a newborn. After I had her I would put her in her carrier and sit her on the bathroom floor while I soaked since I could barely stand after my C-Section.
She never seemed content sitting there watching me sit in my watery heaven. At about 2 weeks old, I finally gave in to her whining and put her in the bath with me.
At first I thought it would be too hot for her but she never like luke warm baths she like it nice and hot.
From then on, I was never able to get her out of the tub. While she has learned to take showers on her own, if I leave it up to her she'll take baths until she's 18.
I will miss this. Watching her play with her mermaids and use her many fake voices to make them talk to each other.
One day she will not take baths in my house, one day she will not need me to wash her hair, one day she will be grown and gone and I will miss this moment.


  1. Hi There! I saw you left a comment with Shannon & decided to check out your site. I LOVE it! Your daughter is adorable (& quite the dancer). I can sooo relate to the mess on the floor from your man's project, & I LOVED the Jamaican Lady story! I will be checking back soon. Have a happy holiday!
    P.S. Love your idea for Fridays. Maybe "Metro Mania". Just a thought.

  2. I have tears in my eyes because I can so understand this. My son loves his baths and even though sometimes it frustrates me doing the entire bath routine, you're right...I'm gonna miss this. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Your little girl is so cute and I love how you recognise all the little things you will miss as she grows up...but...that is why she is so lucky to have a mummy like you xxx.

    Lovely blog :) xxx.

  4. I'm always sad to see my kiddos outgrow any sort of "stage" or ritual. So sweet to remember these moments!


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