Friday, November 28, 2008

Food and Shopping...My Favorite Pastimes

Uhh..I am so full. The food seems never ending! I had such a great Thanksgiving! I love my family and spending time eating and laughing all evening is such fun!

We spent this year at my in-laws and we decided to go early to beat the rush and give the girls some "relax" time with MahMah before the crowd rolled in.

Hubby took the girls in the nearby woods and arranged a treasure hunt for them while I helped out in the kitchen.

Once family started to arrive I changed the girls into their festive outfits and decided to have a mini photo shoot.

Here are the girls together:

Here is D alone:

Here they are rubbing their bellies:

Here is my Lael posing with the Poinsettias:

And here is what happens when I let a five year old handle flowers on the stairs:

Thanks hon....I couldn't spend my day without cleaning up behind you.

Here is the person responsible for our lovely dinner:

My mother-in-law this lady!

Look at my girl during dinner prayer:

Lael snapped this photo of me...

Cute huh??? Or not. :o)

Well after all that eating and drinking and drinking and eating, we headed home. I got a good 3...maybe less hours of sleep and was up at 3am to shop like a crazy person.

First was the BX here on base. I got there at 3:30 with a hot cup of peppermint tea and fierce determination. They opened at 4 and 10 minutes later I was leaving with my $20 gift card and some of the delirium was starting to wear off.

Next, stop was WalMart. They opened at 5 and the line was long. No, I mean long. I had my lawn chair (hell yeah) and my tea so I was nice and ready. I only had to wait 20 minutes and this is what is looked like when the line finally started moving:

I know it's blurry because I took it with my cell but if you squint you can see the front of the line up there by the red lights. The parking lot was equipped with police and crime scene tape to prevent line butters from getting jumped by those of us that waiting in line like good little shoppers.

Once in there I quickly found the things I wanted like the Eureka 4-in-1 Vacs for $9 and the Hannah Montana dolls for $5 and the 24-piece Rubbermaid Containers for $7. The problem was I had a shopping cart and got stuck...literally.

While it only took 10 minutes for me to find what I wanted, it took me 20 to get my cart back to the front of the store to check out. Lesson learned. I refuse to use a cart again!

Overall WalMart was pretty peaceful, too bad I can't say the same for the worker who lost his life at a WalMart in NY. The shoppers literally broke the doors down and he was stampeded to death. I feel bad for his family. People...It's. Not. That. Serious.

After WalMart I went on to Target, Kohl's, KB Toys and a few other places. Compared to the last few years the crowds were fairly light.

Here's a shot from the checkout line at Kohl's.

Overall it was a good morning. I didn't get the Cupcake Maker that I was looking for but there is still time. I was done shopping by 8am and that's REALLY good for me.

Hope you all had a good turkey day and now I'm off to take the kids to a sleepover and go out with some friends. Yes. I am going out! How cool is that. Oh yeah!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving.

    Fun to see a pic of you!!! :) It IS cute.

    I hope you have a fun night out!

    Your girls are adorable of course. I love the praying picture.


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