Monday, November 24, 2008

Odds and Ends

The blogiverse is extra cool. I can't believe I'm just now finding out about it. Here are a few reasons for it's extra coolness.

1/Giveaways! Yeay!

Katherine is giving a buy whateva' you want coupon away for Keen products.

I found some really cute shoes I would love to get but if I win I am going to get these really adorable boots for Lael. I know, I know, always putting the babies first!

2/Awards and Kudos!

Heather of the EO wants to recognize us super fabulous moms. Yeah you! She has created this new award....

and wants to get us in on the love! Super cool Heather. You are one of the rockinest moms I know!

3/Prayer and Support

I ran into the cute blog through MckMama's Not Me! Monday (who needs our votes for an award and is so deserving and it having a few contests/giveaways/donations herself) and found that Shannon is going to have to have open heart surgery and I'm sure our words of encouragement would really make her day. Keep her in your prayers. She has small people to stick around and take care of.

Ok, so that's my top 3 reasons at least. Go check out their blogs and get to entering and praying and voting!

And just for the hell of it I decided to throw in an old picture of Lael from Gymnastics in October. Check out her bridge!


  1. Thank you for thinking of me. You literally brought tears to my eyes.

    My hubby was in the Air Force Reserves for a few months but got a knee injury in basic training and they weren't too keen on keeping him. He's fine now and is considering the National Guard. His heart still wants to serve.

    I entered that contest too. I love those shoes!

  2. Hey thanks for showing off the MOMS ROCK button :)

    WOW, Lael is a total rock star with all that bending. MUCH better than I could ever do!

    Tell her I think she rocks the party :)


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