Monday, November 3, 2008

Not Me Monday....1st Edition

Ok so, I've been blogging for a while now and have decided that it's time for me to venture out and try a few new things. Here's to you MckMama and your beautiful new addition!

If you want to give it a stab here are the rules. Let's be completely honest and post those great thing you did "not" do this week.

Ok here is my first ever "Not Me Monday" list:

*I did not forget La's field trip money, email her teacher that I would send it the next day but forgot to get out cash so I did not "borrow" some of her birthday money to send in. That would be irresponsible.

*I did not forget to charge my phone and ask a complete stranger to use theirs to call my husband to pick me up for the Metro station. Nope not me.

*I did not invite more people than I should have to Lael's party and secretly pray that they would all cancel at the last minute. That would be mean.

*I do not plan to take back one of La's presents to get a store gift card and get her the Tinkerbell movie instead since she already has the toy. How horrible would that be!

*I did not avoid working out for the last 2 weeks to read the Twilight Series. I would not neglect my health like that.

Not too exciting for my first time but not that I'm prepared I will be paying better attention to those things I don't do.

Now go ahead and post yours up so we can all enjoy each other's honesty!!


  1. Great list!! And I say, if she already has the toy, then go get that Tinkerbell movie!! I wish my daughter cared about that looks so cute and I actually want to see it!!

  2. Don't feel bad about reading instead of working out... gotta exercise that mind too! ;)

  3. Welcome to Not Me Monday! I completely got sucked in by Twilight as well!

  4. These are great. So funny. Sounds like a bunch of stuff I would do. I love these "not me" posts. I should do it sometime...


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