Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tantrum Picture Story

This weekend was rough with Lael. While she often makes me laugh as you've seen in the last post, she can also make me want to lock myself in my room and put earplugs in my ears.

While that seems a bit dramatic, let me show you what I dealt with at 11pm last night when she refused to go to bed until she could watch iCarly Goes to Japan for the 5th time.

Photo 1: The pouting is beginning. You can see the circles under her eyes but she is a fighter.

Photo 2: I really pissed her off when I started taking photos of her meltdown.

Photo 3: Here is when the "Ugly Cry" began. She can pull this one out like a pro.

Photo 4: The waterworks begin and she is trying to smack the camera away from me.

Photo 5: She finally starts to calm down and wants to lay down in my lap.

Photo 6: She finally fell asleep. Yes, she sleeps with her eyes cracked sometimes.

It was a struggle this weekend and I am convinced that she is not ready to give up naps yet, even on the weekends.

I thought once they hit 5 the tantrums were supposed to stop but does it look like it stopped to you? No. Not so much. Oh well I'm still lovin' my baby....tantrums and all.


  1. gotta love it. OUCH, that was a late night!!! It was great to see you guys this weekend.

  2. The tantrums stop for some people????? Please tell that to my 38 year old son! :) Came over to visit from Mckmama's. Nice to meet you! I'll pray for that job for the husband!


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