Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Few Notes About Moving Offices

Ok, so working in the Pentagon means that there is always ongoing construction. This being said, today was MOVE DAY for my office from our rented space to our newly renovated space.

All week we had been preparing. I've been working 10-12 hours the past few days including tonight. I never want to be a part of an office move (or any move for that matter) again!

Here a few things you need to know about today:

-If the movers have to say "excuse me" more than a few times, you are probably in the way and should have kept your useless ass at home.

-If the furniture didn't belong to you in the old office, it is not and I repeat NOT up for grabs in the process of moving it. (Try to steal my shit again and there will be problems)

-Disappearing after 10am and never resurfacing when you knew the movers were coming at 11 is so. not. cool. SERIOUSLY!

-Waiting until the, an hour before the move to finish packing is probably not really helpful. (I'm gonna need you work on that)

-Coming to the team in charge (included me and 3 other GREAT workers) and complaining about not having got your phone delivered in the new space while we are trying to get shit done is probably not safe. You might get hurt. I'm just sayin'.

-Walking past boxes lined in the hall to come and tell me about it instead of picking the shit up and moving it yourself is just f-ing lazy. Yeah I said it.

-Telling me at 6pm that you have to leave and take care of your kids when we have kids at home as well just might leave you on the other end of a serious eye roll. (I love how people think their lives are more important than others.)

-Stealing the movers to take care of your boss' office when he was supposed to do ours first is just evil. Don't even think about asking me for anything ever again, I know where your heart is!

Today was hell but I am thankful to those few co-workers of mine that worked their asses off with me today and I have tons of appreciation for them.

However, the one who broke wind right before we were leaving is going to be told if that happens again, I'm probably going to kick him in the back of the head...seriously I thought something had died.

Well, tomorrow is my first day in my new space and thing's should be G-R-E-A-T!!!

Later Gators!!


  1. Wow....and BTW they do have those croc boots for the Mama!

  2. Phewsh...glad that's all over! Moving is no fun in any form, I say!

    Enjoy your new space!

  3. Thing how much better next week will be!


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