Sunday, November 30, 2008

Around Here You Gotta Earn Christmas

One of the awesome deals I got at Wal-Mart on Black Friday was a Eureka 4-in-1 Vac for 9 bucks. It's really light weight and even though I wanted it in pink, I had to settle for the electric blue (you know the crowd and all).

Well Lael loves it! She thinks it's her personal vacuum and couldn't wait for me to crack it open. She has always tried to vacuum but it's too heavy and too tall for her. But this one fits just right, you know like the 3 bears?? Ahem. Anyway. Look at her go!

Well in my defense she did tell me last night that I was she was my best friend and my maid. I just figured I should crush a little girls dreams...
Anywhoo...after my living room was all cleaned it was time to drag the tree out of it's box.

She couldn't wait to get the ball on the tree...this has always been her favorite part, even last year when she broke a few before realizing how careful she has to be.

It's official now. Christmas is right around the corner. How about yall? Did everyone get there tree's up this weekend??


  1. My tree is not up yet. My husband had to work all weekend and will have to work Mon., Tues., and Wed. He works from 8 am to 8 pm and is not home until 9 pm. tree won't get put up until Thursday!! )0:

  2. I'm sitting here next to the tree right now. Smells nice and piney :)

  3. Nope not yet....soon though...I love the one of her holding the ornament....cute!

  4. I am new here! What a great blog! ♥ Hugs!

  5. We just got back from family, and I am wishing I had put my tree up before we left. But, since I didn't think ahead enough, we'll do it tomorrow.

    Love the vacuum! I should have gotten one if it's so darn irresistable to little girls!

  6. WOW you got a fan club going on. COOL!!!
    Yep, she is officially a cute baby.
    Love ya

  7. Love your pictures - your daughter is gorgeous! And I love the earning part - we do something similar here too. We just finished our tree - hoping to have pictures up tomorrow. Glad you didn't ask if I had my Christmas cards done yet. That would be a big NO.


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